The Book

BEYOND YOUTH SPORTS: How Kids Make the High School Athletic Story Happen...And Why Some Kids Don't  by Coach Jerry Smith

This book is designed to guide the 25 million kids, along with their parents,  in building and fulfilling the dream of becoming a successful high school athlete. The passion is great and the goal worthy. Revealed are the secrets of how to take care of the details along the journey.

Coach Jerry Smith, along with wife Coach Diane Smith, have observed the happiness of great successes and the sadness of failures as kids strived in their athletic endeavors.

The road isn't easy and the destination isn't guaranteed. These coaches set forth and examines the many issues confronting young athlete and their parents. More than that, it shows the way to successfully climb to higher levels in athletics.

In this book, Coach Smith:

  • Identifies 8 great obstacles and how your child can overcome them on the road upward.
  • Names the 9 pitfalls that must be avoided if your child is to be successful.
  • Reveals 6 sidetracks that are fatal in a successful athletic endeavor.
  • Names 7 contributions parents must make if their child is to be successful.
  • Lists 9 mistakes parents often make in their child's athletic career.
  • Reveals the forgotten and neglected vital aspect of athletic skill development.
  • Gives the 3 most important factors in becoming the athlete a child can become.
  • Tells why the more gifted young athlete isn't always there in high school days.
  • Shows how and why the less talented young athlete often become the star in later years.

These and many more essential questions and issues are discussed in this must-read book for parents who desire and care about their child's success.